How video game technology influences architectural visualization

In the last several years, virtual architecture walkthrough services and the video game industry have been intermingling in an absolutely fascinating way. How the technology used in video game engines can translate to architectural visualisation? Find out below!

Anyone who has been observing the development of video games in the last several years could definitely predict that their incredibly powerful and realistic graphic engines would soon start to be used for more than just entertainment. The video game industry has long been the leader with regards to creating very realistic and detailed virtual models. Architectural visualization is now employing the very same technology to create models of proposed buildings, which are more convincing than the now-outdated architectural sketches, speaking to the clients’ imagination and senses in an unprecedented way. Video game enthusiasts may not be aware of this, but the engines created for their favourite first person shooters are now aiding architects all over the world! If you want to examine how video game technologies work in architectural design, you can check out Sitopoland’s architectural visualization, which employs those technological advances extremely effectively.