Five technologies that are revolutionizing architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is a field that constantly evolves, so architectural studios that wish to remain relevant need to make the effort to remain up-to-date with new technologies. There are a few innovative solutions that right now are completely changing the shape of the field and they will be described below.

The most revolutionary change to how architectural visualisation operates is definitely the introduction of virtual reality. Although it seemed a science fiction invention but a few years ago, it is rapidly becoming much more common and it will soon become a fixture of most people’s everyday lives. A lot of companies are already offering virtual architecture walkthrough services that use VR to allow the client to explore a virtual model of the proposed building. The technology is also already proving useful for construction managers, who can use it to locate the flaws in a project with much more precision than ever before.

Another technology that is definitely impacting architectural visualisation in a major way would be real-time rendering. This is a technology that allows the clients to explore the model of a proposed building much like a level of a video game. So far, the technology has been used by a disappointingly small number of architecture studios, but one can hope that this situation will quickly change. For instance, Sitopoland’s architectural visualization is already employing it to a great effect!