3D Visualization in interior design
16 listopada 2017

The most exciting uses of Virtual Reality so far

Virtual Reality is a technology that is already changing the world. While not a long time ago it seemed to be a vision straight out of a cyberpunk movie, it is now very much a reality and will soon be as ubiquitous as the Internet turned out to be. It is a technology that offers potentially infinite possibilities and we are only beginning to tap into its potential. However, there already are a lot of great uses of Virtual Reality that truly display the technology’s potential to change the world.

Virtual Reality is now used for example to distract dentist patients. According to a recent study, the patients who used a VR headset displaying a soothing scene felt much less anxiety during the surgery. Similarly, the VR headsets have been used to soothe much more severe types of pain – it is used by psychologists to help people with severe mental disorders. Virtual Reality is also used to create exercise for people with limited body functions – for instance, paraplegics who performed exercises in which they moved through a stadium as soccer players were instrumental in helping them regaining the brain functions connected with moving their legs.

A field that is especially benefitting from the use of Virtual Reality is definitely architecture. Using Virtual Reality and real-time 3D rendering, they are able to create immersive models of proposed buildings that clients and construction managers can explore. Because of this, it helps the studios both to create an impressive sales pitch for the clients and provide the construction managers with an opportunity to examine the practical aspect of the project on a much more deep level than ever before.
Because VR can be used to simulate real-life situations, it is now frequently being employed as a training tool. For instance, VR simulations are used to prepare medical students for demanding surgeries.